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Colours Balloon Flights in Central Ohio 

Escape from the ordinary and sail among the clouds with Flying Colours Hot Air Balloons!!!  

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the absolutely finest balloon flight experience.  Flying Colours has been providing balloon rides in Columbus and Central Ohio for over 25 years.  Our Champagne Flights feature a flight in a new balloon maintained to our exacting standards, and we fly in only optimal weather conditions.  Ours is truly a first class service!   An exciting, exhilarating, and spectacular adventure where all seats are first class! Some of our passengers have said that when you leave the ground, "it appears as if the balloon is standing still and the earth falls away".  The balloon goes where the wind flows.  Fly hundreds of feet over the ground, as well as at tree top level while enjoying unobstructed 360-degree views.  After a spectacular balloon flight, our Champagne Flights even include a post-flight White Linen Tailgate Celebration©!!!    Over the years, our balloon flights have celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirements and many marriage proposals!  Our passengers repeatedly tell us “it’s an experience of a lifetime”, “something everyone must do a least once”, and that our way of presenting the ballooning experience is “way more than we ever expected”.  

Your hosts Carole and Dave Strickland invite you to join them for an adventure of a lifetime!

What to expect  

Our Champagne Flights feature a premiere weekend private sunrise flight for two passengers (plus pilot) and include our post-flight White Linen Tailgate Celebration©.  Champagne Flights are in a new completely custom designed Lindstrand balloon!  From the brilliant colors of the fabric, to the custom colored wicker and leather trimmed basket, you will be in awe of this incredible aircraft, which incorporates the very latest in balloon technology and safety features.   


Prior to your flight, you will meet our balloon “family” - our balloon crew!  Relax while we unpack and assemble the equipment, or if you would like, you can join in and help us prepare the balloon for flight (we'll provide plenty of instruction - no experience required!).  After we cold-inflate the balloon with a gas powered fan, we'll hit the burners and the enormous aircraft will come to life.  Once you climb aboard you will receive a pre-flight briefing, and the pilot and crew will launch the balloon.

Your flight

Each and every one of our flights is a unique experience.  Your flight will last approximately one hour, sometimes a few minutes less, sometimes a few minutes more, depending on weather, direction of flight and available landing sites.  Balloons fly with the wind, and therefore you will not feel wind or turbulence.  Our vertical control will be finite, but steering left or right is controlled by the wind.  You will notice the silence of the flight is broken periodically by the roar of the burner.  Meanwhile, the balloon crew will be chasing the balloon from the ground.  We are in constant communication via 2-way radios and cell phones.   Towards the end of your flight, your pilot will begin looking for a suitable landing spot.  We'll try to find a convenient spot by a road, but a safe landing spot is the primary concern, and we may have to walk a short distance.    


Once on the ground we will pack up all the equipment and then proceed with our post-flight White Linen Tailgate Celebration©!!!  Our Champagne Flights also include a traditional toast to commemorate your great adventure.  Afterwards we will return you to the launch site in our luxury conversion van.   You should plan for 3 to 4 hours for the entire experience.  Your friends and relatives are welcome to follow along, but our transportation space is limited and following along in their own vehicles may be necessary.  Don't forget to bring your camera and several times the film as you'd expect to use!   It's the ultimate balloon flight. . .simply the best!

Important Information

Ballooning and Mother Nature  

Ballooning is strictly a fair weather sport.  Most flights are conducted during the early morning at sunrise when winds are light and the air is stable.  A launch is generally not feasible when the surface wind exceeds 6-7 mph, or winds aloft are greater than 15 mph - as balloons move at the speed of the wind, landings above that may become a bit too exciting with an added risk of an injury.  Because of this, it is impossible for us to guarantee that you will be able to fly on a specific day and time.  When you make a reservation, it reserves that flight window for you so that if we are able to fly that date, you will be with us.  Please do not consider a balloon flight if you are uncomfortable with the possibility that your flight may be rescheduled due to weather conditions.  

Safety and Physical Limitations

Even though we fly hot air balloons in ideal weather conditions, and most landings are softer than a typical airplane landing, ballooning is still an adventure sport.  When landing in moderate winds, the balloon will bounce and bump along the ground.  If higher winds exist, the balloon will tip on its side and drag.  Therefore, we do not recommend a balloon flight for a passenger if they are younger than 8 years old, or older than 80, pregnant, or have physical conditions such as back problems, knee replacements or knee problems, replaced hips, recent surgery, heart problems, etc.  If a passenger is not in perfect health, it is their responsibility to consult with their physician whether they should fly in a hot air balloon.  All passengers must sign an Acknowledgement of Risk form prior to their flight.      


Our Flight Schedule  

Click on the 2011 Ride Schedule link at the top of this page for more information on our schedule for the 2011 flying season.

To Purchase a flight Certificate and Reservation Information

Gift Certificates for Champagne Flights for the 2011 thru 2012 Flying Seasons are now available.  Please refer to the pricing information at the top this page for more information on purchasing a flight certificate.


After you make your reservation

Once your reservation is made, your pilot will call the evening prior to your scheduled flight to discuss flight details.  The launch site is usually determined at that time, and flights usually depart from Union County Airport in Marysville, Ohio.  The pilot will then make arrangements to give you a wake-up call in the morning to let you know if the weather conditions and forecast for the morning are still appropriate for flying.  

Weather determination can usually be made early, but if not, your pilot will make a final judgment as to conditions at the launch site.  The pilot's weather decision is final, and is not a point of discussion - it is for your personal safety.  Safety is first and foremost - we know you really want to go on your scheduled flight date,  but we aren’t going to fly if the weather is not acceptable.  If your flight is cancelled due to weather, don't worry - the flight will be rescheduled for another date.  

What to wear and what to bring

Dress comfortably for the season.  It is not colder in the balloon - it may actually be warmer airborne.  Keep in mind you will be outdoors for several hours.  We recommend jeans and not shorts in the summer - you may have to walk through tall brush when we land.  Tennis shoes or similar are required, but expect them to get wet from the morning dew.  NO DRESS SHOES - NO HIGH HEELS OR POINTED HEEL SHOES ALLOWED.  Also note that a slightly sooty condensation sometimes forms on the burner that may drip on your shirt or jacket.  Be sure and bring your camera.  However, we can't be responsible for your personal property, and all cameras must be stowed prior to landing.  

Acknowledgement and Waiver

During your flight it is very important to follow the instructions of your pilot.  Balloons are F.A.A. certified and registered aircraft, and your pilot holds a Commercial Pilot's license.  Your pilot is the captain of your aircraft.  Ask questions if you don't understand.  It's for your safety and is your personal responsibility.  You are required to sign an acknowledgement of this personal responsibility and a liability release as a condition of the flight.  Click here to print the acknowledgement and waiver - please print a copy for each passenger, and sign and date at the bottom.  A parent or guardian is required to sign this acknowledgement in case of minor-aged passengers.   

Champagne Flights - 2011/2012 Flying Season

The ultimate!!!  Our exclusive private Champagne Flights for two passengers for the 2011 thru 2012 flying seasons are available with the  purchase of a pre-paid Champagne gift/flight certificate!!!

Champagne Flights are exclusive private two passenger (plus pilot) flights and are $650.  

Flights are on weekend mornings and are in a new balloon!!

Price includes our post-flight White Linen Tailgate Celebration© !!

The recipient(s) must call us at 614-202-7512 or email us to make a reservation.  You must call by 7/31 to ensure a flight within the current flying season. 

Certificates are for the 2011 thru 2012 flying seasons.  Certificates will be valid until 10/1/2012, unless a flight has been canceled due to weather conditions.

We accept debit cards and all major credit cards via Paypal.

Certificates are non-refundable, but are transferable.  

Passengers must sign an acknowledgement and waiver prior to their flight.  

To Purchase a Private Champagne Balloon Flight Certificate for Two Passengers for the 2011 thru 2012 flying seasons for $650 by Paypal click on the button below.

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Holders of certificates will not incur any price increase after the date of sale.

Note: It is impossible for us to guarantee that you will be able to fly on a specific day and time.  When you or the certificate recipient reserve a flight date, it reserves that flight window so that if we are able to fly that date, the passengers will be with us.  Weather determination can usually be made early, but if not, the pilot will make a final judgment as to conditions at the launch site.  The pilot's weather decision is final, and is not a point of discussion - it is for the passengers personal safety.  Please do not consider a balloon flight certificate purchase if you are uncomfortable with the possibility that the flight may be rescheduled due to weather conditions.